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Welcome to Classic Campervan Hire

We also have our individual Campervans up for sale, please click the 'vans for sale' tab above

Campervan hire is an established industry within a growing market. In this thriving and expanding market there is therefore pressure on supply and considerable scope for growth. This is a fantastic opportunity to acquire an established Classic VW Campervan hire business in the South West that is easy to relocate and could be run from home.

Classic Campervan Hire has been established for 6 years with up to 17 vehicles in the fleet at one time. This was reduced to 12 at the end of 2012 and currently we have 11 remaining. CCH is part of Harewood Classics Ltd that concentrates on classic vehicle restoration and is run by my youngest son.

With the move from our previous very large premises to more manageable ones at the end of August 2013, I decided to take the opportunity to retire and so have put the hire business and the vans up for sale. The season ended at the end of October and at that point I put all 12 vans up for sale. It was only in the last couple of weeks that I thought of maybe selling a smaller, easier to manage, business was an option. That is why I have put 4 in the package with the rest being sold off individually.

The package will consist of 4 vans – Maisy, Daisy, Barney and Molly - together with all the assets of the hire business. It may be possible to vary the vans, subject to prior sale.

The price for complete package is £80,000.

This is broken down into £70,000 for the 4 campervans and £10,000 for the assets. Details of each campervan is shown on the website classiccampervanhire.co.uk.

The assets consist of:

1. Goodwill – including a database of over 1000 previous customers
2. Website and booking system developed for ourselves through an online booking company
3. All equipment in the vans
4. Dive-away awnings that attach to the campervans
5. Outdoor tables and chairs
6. Spare parts
7. A selection of Campervan Gifts

No bookings have been taken for 2014 as the purchaser will wish to set their own rates and method of operating. We allowed free booking but the majority of hirers fix the days that vans can be hired i.e. Monday and Friday only. This means that you would take bookings for 3 or 7 nights on a Friday and for 4 or 7 nights on a Monday. You would therefore only be dealing with customers face-to-face on these two days.

Each van should generate between £10-12K during the main season which runs from 1st April to the end of September. The main overhead is insurance which cost us just under £1000 per van. You can however insure on a hire by hire basis. With 12 vans we had a full time mechanic and so they were continuously maintained. With 4 this can be done as required by a 3rd party mechanic.

The only marketing that has been undertaken is through Google and so there is potential to increase bookings with targeted promotions. Campervan enthusiasm is not however contained to just holiday makers and festival goers. Increasingly the campers are being used for wedding vehicles and honeymoons and also in films and on TV.

The Classic Campervan Hire Team x x x

Anyone for a picnic?